About Us

We are a nonpartisan group of South Hero neighbors who came together during the summer of 2021 over a shared concern about the new village zoning districts that are now part of South Hero’s Development Regulations (2020). We reside in a variety of locations throughout South Hero Island and include working professionals, retirees, farmers, business owners, as well as lifelong Islanders, and relative newcomers.

Although land-use decisions are our initial focus, we are open to exchanging information and ideas about other issues that voters can shape by their informed participation.  People who visit our website are invited to comment on our posts via the link below each posting.  Comments are moderated for relevance and respectful tone.  [We use AI software to assess tone; we also use common sense.]  People wishing to raise new issues on the website may propose a topic by emailing us at SouthHeroVoters@gmail.com.

We are an independent, informal group of volunteers having no affiliation with the South Hero Town government.