The Town’s Vision Statement

Here’s a draft Vision Statement distributed for discussion at the August 3 2022 Planning Commission meeting.

South Hero, Vermont is a welcoming, vibrant and stunningly beautiful small Lake Champlain Island town to live, work, play and visit. There are abundant recreational and cultural amenities that support healthy lifestyles and a sense of community. Two villages support a thriving, but small local island economy. The town fosters a healthy and sustainable natural and built environment.

For comparison, here’s the 2015 published town plan vision statement:

VISION FOR THE FUTURE of SOUTH HERO South Hero is a beautiful, peaceful, thriving rural island town on Lake Champlain. This community prides itself on cooperation, participation, and sharing.

And from the town’s current home page, South Hero is described as:

Today, the lands of South Hero are used primarily for agriculture, dairying, and apple orchards. The island is a very attractive place for resorts and  attracts many summer tourists.

And yet, the current draft vision statement does not mention agriculture or how it supports the town’s local economy as a sustainable natural and built environment.

What are your thoughts on the town plan vision? As a voter, your vision is important in shaping zoning regulations.

ADDENDUM: The Planning Commission did agree to tuck the word “agricultural” into the list of amenities. But some residents feel that agriculture is a foundational character of our town, more than just an attractive feature.