Village Zoning District in-Person Survey

Volunteers walked the streets of the South Hero Village Zoning District and the Keeler Bay Village Zoning District to ask residents how they felt about the planned density for their neighborhoods. Volunteers spoke to those who were home or those who were absent but who called the survey taker, based on a little note left on their door. Residents of the Village Zoning District (VZD) were encouraged to come to the visioning meeting held by the Planning Commission at the Worthen Library on September 7, 2002.

Click here for a copy of the South Hero VZD-resident survey by volunteers (a similar survey was used for the residents in the Keeler Bay VZD).** 57 surveys were completed, which is more than twice the number of VZD-resident responses that the Planning Commission reported receiving to its online survey. And different questions were asked in the in-person survey — that is, questions specific to the recent 2020 zoning changes which uniquely affected VZD residents.

Click here to view the anonymous summary results. Overwhelmingly, survey respondents do not want the new zoning regulations that promote dense development in their neighborhoods. And most of them were surprised that their homes were in the village zoning district. Multiple survey respondents voiced unsolicited concern that the new zoning requirements should have been put on a ballot for voter approval.

** note: Additional questions were added to the survey, as new issues became apparent; e.g., maximum building heights and minimum green space requirements.