Articles 7 & 8 in Pictures

These articles are confusing, so hopefully these pictures will help.

Why is this so confusing?

The confusion stems from the current zoning regulations not being on the ballot in 2020.  Many voters, including residents of the areas affected, are not aware of their current zoning.  If your house is in the pink areas shown in the maps, you zoning is as follows:

  • no minimum lot size (it used to be 1 acre)
  • houses may be built 10 feet from the property line (it used to be 25 feet)
  • sheds and garages may be built 5 feet from the property line (it used to be 15 feet)
  • building height may be up to 40 feet (it used to be 35 feet)
  • no stated minimum green space, etc.

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